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Holy Trinity Ankeny

Listen to sermons from Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.

Jun 28, 2021

Mark’s gospel tells us a parable of soils – no soil, rocky soil, thorny soil, and finally good soil – places where the gospel produces joy and faith. Who exactly is good soil? It is not who you might expect. Status, education, social concerns, right thinking, wealth – none of these things matter. The good soil...

Jun 21, 2021

Job wants answers. In his suffering, he wants to know why life is unfair, why he suffers, why bad things happen to him. Job wants explanations, information, reasons. He received no such things. His friends answer with ignorance. God, however, does answer – and the answer is quite unexpected.

Jun 14, 2021

Jesus told parables about the reign of God that were often puzzling and misunderstood. Using simple, everyday images, he taught that God’s work went on in hidden ways, sometimes with our help and often in spite of us. In a world where we despair about the size of our problems and the seeming smallness of our...

Jun 7, 2021

It doesn’t take much to see that humans have a gift for division - for blame and self-justification. If we are honest, love does not come easy to the children of Eve & Adam. When God asked if they had eaten of the fruit of the forbidden tree, man blamed woman; woman blamed snake; and all blamed God. Even family...